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T& C – Terms and Conditions

Hereafter, Glasgow Hummers T/A (GlasgowHummers.co.uk/com), shall be known as The Company and the person making the reservation and/or the person paying the booking fee shall be known as The Hirer. It will be deemed that The Hirer accepts responsibility for him/herself and for every person in his/her party AND fully agrees to the conditions of hire, as follows:

Please note that the hire duration starts from when the vehicle arrives to pick you up at the appointed time and place.

  1.   (i) All bookings are pre-bookings only and must be confirmed within 7 Days (unless the booking is within the next 14 days, in which case the booking must be confirmed immediately) with the required booking fee, paid by debit/credit card or cash. Once the booking fee is received, the booking will be accepted and confirmation will be sent. Cheques are only accepted by prior arrangement.

        (ii) For all bookings payment in full must be received 14 days before the date of hire. For all other hires, if full payment is to made by card, then it must be paid a minimum of 2 days before the date of hire. Cheques can only be accepted when received at least 7 working days before the hire date. Any outstanding balances still due on the day of hire must be paid to the driver in cash before the start of the hire.

        (iii) If full payment is not received by the due date, the booking may be cancelled and your booking fee forfeited.

        (iv) In the event of the Hirer canceling, any booking fee paid would be forfeited. However, The Company has the discretion to transfer a booking fee to another date in an unavoidable circumstance, such as bereavement. Should the Hirer cancel less than 14 days prior to the hire date, then the full payment is due and the Hirer agrees that the outstanding balance may be charged to the Debit or Credit Card used to pay the booking fee.

        (v) No refund will be given on full payments made by The Hirer if a cancellation is made within 14 days of the hire date. The company has the discretion to consider exceptional circumstances. The initial booking fee requested is non-refundable in any circumstances.

        (vi) No responsibility can be accepted for delays due to traffic or adverse weather conditions (e.g. snow, ice, flooding) which may cause the delay or cancellation of a booking by The Company. In these circumstances, where The Company cancels the booking, a full refund will be given. The Company accept no responsibility for restricted vehicle access (hump back bridges, width restrictions, etc) at any location and will not risk causing any damage to any person or property if the driver is of the opinion that a manoeuvre is unsafe. The Company is not liable for any delays caused by re-routed journeys.

  2.   While every effort is made to maintain the serviceability of the vehicles, no responsibility can be accepted for mechanical, electrical or material breakdown, howsoever caused. In this unlikely event, every effort will be made for the immediate repair of the vehicle so that the journey can continue, or The Hirer will be transferred to another vehicle/vehicles. Any reasonable extra cost incurred will either be borne by The Company, or a full refund will be given. 

    NB – In the event of 1(vi) and 2, no responsibility will be accepted by The Company for missed connections and/or functions, howsoever caused.

  3. In the event of a breakdown or accident to the vehicle booked, prior to the date of hire, every effort will be made to supply a similar or alternative vehicle at The Company’s discretion. If this is not acceptable to The Hirer, a refund will be made of any monies paid.

  4. In order to maintain The Company’s standards, The Company reserves the right at any time to change, replace or renew the vehicle booked or advertised. The replacement vehicle would be of the same type and exterior colour as originally booked and will be duly notified to The Hirer.

  5. The vehicle rental includes all tolls, fuel and parking.

  6. The consumption of food/food products, unless supplied by the Company, is not permitted in the vehicle. NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED IN THE VEHICLE AT ANY TIME. Sunroofs will remain locked whenever the vehicle is in motion and will only be opened at the driver’s discretion. Passengers in forward or rear facing seats must wear a seatbelt at all times.

  7. Although we will take care, we are unable to take responsibility for loss of or damage to luggage or personal property left in the vehicle during or after the hire period under any circumstances.

  8. The number of passengers and luggage will be determined at the time of booking and will appear on booking confirmations and must not be exceeded due to weight and space restrictions. For airport journeys, delayed or late flights may cause overtime charges to be incurred, or the booking to be forfeited –  to help avoid this, please keep us informed of any changes or delays as soon as you are aware of them.

  9. Hirers may only supply their own drinks by special arrangement with the Company. Drinks cannot be consumed outwith the vehicle. Alcohol may only be consumed by persons over the age of 18. Under no circumstances can illegal substances be carried or used in the vehicle.

  10. The Hirer (as assigned below) shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused inside or outside the vehicle by The Hirer or any member of his/her party, howsoever caused. This includes incitement to any third party (for example:- shouting to passers by from windows or attracting attention by knocking on windows) which results in damage to the vehicle or its contents. The Hirer will agree to be liable for the total retail cost of the repair and/or valeting of the vehicle and The Company will determine the location of the repairer/valeter. In addition, The Hirer will agree to be liable to pay a fixed daily rate (determined by The Company) while the vehicle is out of commission for such repairs, plus any further losses incurred, such as loss of bookings.

  11. The Company or any of its representatives (i.e. Chauffeur) reserves the right to refuse entry to the vehicle, any person they deem unfit, for whatever reason. Similarly, the Company (or its representative) reserves the right to refuse to continue the journey if any person/persons behave in such a manner which may be detrimental to other persons, or to the vehicle and its contents. In this event no refund will be given.

  12. The Hirer is liable for any broken or missing glassware at a replacement cost of £10 per glass. The Hirer is responsible for the replacement cost of any other items in the vehicle which are damaged or stolen. The Hirer is responsible should any of the party soil or be sick in a vehicle – this will incur a £100 charge to make the vehicle good, plus any further losses incurred, such as loss of bookings. The Hirer agrees that any costs can be charged to the Debit or Credit Card used to pay the booking fee, unless paid by cash on the hire date.

  13. Once a booking has been made and the booking fee paid, the price will not be subject to change unless the itinerary is altered by The Hirer and the new itinerary requires either extra mileage or time being necessary. Changes may only be made at the discretion of The Company, and they will inform you of any additional charges. Should the hire run over, overtime charges from the end time of hire may be applied at the hourly rate agreed at the time of booking and will be payable in cash to the driver at the end of the hire. If this is not possible, the Hirer agrees that we may charge the Credit or Debit Card used to pay the booking fee.

  14. By paying the booking fee, The Hirer hereby accepts the Terms and Conditions of Hire and The Hirer has entered into a binding contract with The Company.

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