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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy  (Glasgow Hummers)

Glasgow Hummers take your personal privacy very seriously. The information below outlines our privacy policy and we will only ever use your information as outlined below. We do not sell, trade or rent your data to any other third party. In order to provide you with services we will collect information about you via the following methods :

1) From online contacts
2) From telephone conversations
3) From email and written communication
4) From sending an email to one of our company email addresses
5) From making a online booking on our website
6) From entering a competition on our website

The data stored can include, but is not limited to, your name, address and details of purchase made. We may also record details of any disability or health and dietary needs you, or members of your party may have at the time of booking an event or service. This information will only be used by us or by our suppliers to ensure that your booking runs smoothly for all involved.

We may use your email address for our own marketing purposes. When we do this we will always offer an opportunity for you to opt-out.

From time to time we may need to pass on some information to our suppliers so that we can fulfil your booking. When we do this we will only pass on the information required to complete your booking.

Inbound and outbound phone conversations may be recorded in order to monitor quality and performance

Cookie Policy

Glasgow Hummers use cookies to enhance your time on our website and to provide us with valuable insights into what is popular on our site. Cookies contain data that is transferred to your computer when you visit our site. Cookies mean we can :

1) Estimate how many people visit our site and how the site us used on a daily basis.
2) Store information about your preferences therefore allowing us to better understand your interests and serve you more effectively.
3) Enhance the efficiency and speed of the site.
4) Recognise you when you return to the site.
5) Enable our shopping cart & account area system to function.

You can refuse cookies by altering your browser settings. However doing so may cause some parts of our site to work slowly or not at all. If you do not adjust your browser settings to prevent cookies being stored our website will store them on your hard drive.

Session Recoding & Realtime Analytics

To help optimise our site and resolve any technical issues we utilise real time tracking and session recording systems. Your passwords are excluded from the data this technology captures and card details totally excluded from this functionality.

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