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Q: What is a hummer limousine ?

A : our hummer limo is a 36ft stretched hummer HS2 limousine Fully equipped Mobile Nightclub, we pick your party up from your own door and the party starts and best of all we operate a BYOB policy (Bring Your Own Bottle) excluding on kids parties.

Q: How many guests can travel on the Glasgow Hummer ?

A : We can accommodate up to 16 passengers on the Glasgow hummer limo.

Q: Can I bring alcohol on board ?

A : Yes! we operate a BYOB policy ( Bring your own bottle ) strictly for over 18’s parties only. 

Q: Does the Limo need to be full ?

A : No ! The limo does not need to be full, the maximum we can take is 16 passengers and prices are based per hire.

Q: Do I need to bring decorations, cups etc. ?

A : No we ask for no glasses onboard and thus we will provide cups, straws, napkins etc and we provide complimentary FREE soft drinks and even some sweets for younger kids at no extra charge !

Q: Can i provide music or a playlist?

A: Yes of course ! However Our limo has a massive party playlist on board and you are welcome to bring your own device and we can simply plugin via aux cable.

Q: What is the duration of the hire ?

A : All bookings & package prices are based on a 1 hour hire unless otherwise stated or agreed. 

Q: What is the deposit for a booking ?

A : We only require a £80 deposit on all bookings. All deposits are taken via Paypal/card and are non refundable. The balance is payable in cash on the day before commencement of the hire. A booking is not confirmed until the deposit is received.

Q: Do i need to pay for cleaning after my party?

A: No ! unlike some of our competitors we DON’T charge EXTRA for cleaning up the mess its a party limo we expect it ! 

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